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Manu Ríos, Spanish-born singer and actor

He began in the show business when he was just 9 thanks to a casual call from the production team of a regional TV show named Cantando en Familia. From that moment on, he hasn’t stopped working: he was selected to join the national TV show Tú sí que vales on which he demonstrated his dance skills so successfully that managed to reach the semi-final phase. His latest big experience was taking part in the musical TV show Cántame cómo pasó on the public broadcast TV, TVE. In 2010, Manu played the part of Gavroche; the main child role in the internationally known musical Los Miserables at one of the most important Spanish theaters in Gran Vía St, Madrid. He is currently part of the new Parchís teen band and performs Pepe in a new musical premiered in 2012, Don Pepito.

Manu describes himself as a funny, sensitive, music-loving guy, commited to reach his dreams. He knows that won’t get real success unless he doesn’t work hard; that’s why he does his best effort at school too. When he grows up he wants to study Media.

Favorite food:Burger.
Place to visit: London.
Favorite music style: Pop
He’s always listening to: Rihanna y Adele, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, 1D and more.
Favorite movie: The Karate Kid.
Hobbies: Dancing, singing, photography, surfing the Internet, going out with friends, replying to his fans.
Favorite color: Red.
Favorite TV Series: La que se avecina.
His mobile phone: Blackberry Curve.
Hates… Snakes (despite his owning stuffed one!)
His parents names… Manoli and Julián.
Siblings: One older brother, Josemy.
Nicknames: His friends call him by his last name “Ríos”.
Pets: 2 dogs, Currillo and Howard.
Llace of birth: Ciudad Real Hospital.
Favorite drink: Nestea.
Season: Summer.
Favorite signature: P.E.
Siempre suena en su mp3: Rihanna y Adele, Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, 1D y más.
Horoscope: Saggitarius.
Favorite animal: Dogs.
Favorite sound: Sea.
Favorite ice cream: Mint ones.
Favorite book: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
Candy: Keys.
Favorite breakfast: Huevos con baicon.
Favorite TV Show: Fama ¡a bailar!
Fashion firms: Supra, Vans…
Favorite flavor: Salty.
Favorite actor: Jhonny Deep.
Favorite sweet: Kinder.
Most loved thing: His photocamera.
When he’s bored… Takes out his cell.
Favorite game: Parchís
Musical instrument: Guitar.
Bedroom color: Red.
Favorite restaurant: KFC.
Accesories: Shoes and hats.
Chewing gum: Mint flavor.
Favorite actress: Anne Hathaway.
Perfume: PlayBoy London.

Full name:
Manuel Ríos Fernández

December 17th 1998

Currently lives in:
Calzada Calatrava, CR, España

Don Pepito
Musical in Gran Vía, Madrid. Played the main role.
New project in the USA
Album recording with the music producer Richy Peña.
Parchís Spain Tour
+ 3-month performances at La Latina Theatre, Madrid.
First album recording
With Parchis: “Parchís en el mundo mágico”
Joined Parchís
The legendary teenband returns with a new tour.
Los Miserables
Musical in Gran Vía St., Madrid. Played Gavroche.
Cántame Cómo Pasó
Music-show on TVE. Played Carlitos.
Tú Sí Que Vales
Talent-show on Telecinco. Semifinalist.
Hip Hop Award
Hip-hop Competition in León, Spain.
Cantando en Familia
Music-show on Castilla la Mancha TV

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